What We Do

From keeping The Keller Pointe clean to keeping members happy, from creating a safe environment for our members and guests to recruiting and retaining a satisfied employee, The Keller Pointe supervisors are critical to the success of the facility.

Below you'll get better acquainted with each division supervisor. Each brings a unique passion to their jobs.

Denise Winger, Accountant
Sandi Farr, Administrative Secretary
Tony Farina, Building Operations Supervisor
Lisa Dodd, Customer Service Supervisor
Jim Shoemaker, Assistant Customer Service Supervisor
Perry Glaze, Recreation Supervisor
Ashley Payne, Assistant Recreation Supervisor
Clint Konkle, Fitness Coordinator
Melissa Lockwood, Aquatics Supervisor
Carrie Stevenson, Sales & Assistant Aquatics Supervisor
Amanda Coy, Sales & Marketing Coordinator